The Expansion of Clean Technology and Renewable Ventures

The clean tech industry is expected to be a rapidly growing market and one that we believe is at a momentous point in terms of the expansion of technologies that will help diversify energy sources and improve the environment. By some estimates, global investments in renewable energy infrastructure are projected to double in the next 10 years and reach $395 billion annually by 2020.
Europe’s energy from waste market is worth €3.1 billion (£2.7 billion) in revenues, according to analysis from research agency Frost & Sullivan. It found that Europe has 429 installed Waste to Energy plants making it the world leader in use of the technology. France and Germany have the most Waste to Energy plants and have been able to meet their targets for landfill diversion as a result, according to the report.

Over 40 GW of new wind power capacity was commissioned globally in 2011, resulting in another annual record for the industry. This annual growth represents a 19% increase over the previous year. Each of the world’s top six markets (China, U.S., India, Germany, Canada, and the U.K.) installed more capacity than in 2010.

Throughout the past decade, the wind energy industry has continued to mature. In fact, wind energy now accounts for the majority of the world’s non-hydropower renewable electricity installed capacity. Additionally, though still primarily driven by policy, the costs of wind technology are coming down while costs for conventional fossil fuels are slated to rise over the long-term. Now that wind has reached approximately 20% of total electricity generation in some countries, most of the people in the energy industry have come to appreciate it as a mainstream energy technology that is key to:

 Meeting rapidly increasing electricity demand around the globe

 Reducing carbon emissions

 Providing a low cost, clean energy source

 Driving economic growth in the 21st century

The market for installed wind turbines surpassed $59 billion in 2010 and is forecast to reach $152 billion by 2017.

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