Management of its projects and investments, in renewable energy and green technologies, is directed and managed by its Board of Directors and managers.

Michael R. Wiechnik, President & CEO
Michael R. Wiechnik, age 62, retired in 2011 after 40 years of public service as Capital Planner and Special Projects and Energy Manager for a large State Department in New Jersey. Since his retirement he has served as an independent energy consultant, served on the Board of Directors of United Health Products, Inc and recently accepted a seat as a Director of the Regional Chapter of the Green Energy Council.

Branislav Budimcic, Director, South-Eastern Europe

Branislav Budimcic, age 52, has over 25 years of experience in the Business Development and Construction Industry, starting with GETIC Trading, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, (1986-1990), as a Managing Director. Thereafter Branislav joined TWISS Group Ltd, London (1990-1995) as a General Partner/ Director and developed an industrial fishing company in West Africa utilizating Soviet Vessels. From 1995 until 2010 Branislav was the CEO of Star Development Group in Stockholm, a Construction Development and Project Planning consortium in Sweden.

From 2010 and until now Mr. Budimcic has been an independent consultant developing several green energy projects in the Balkans, particularly in Serbia where he created a Foundation for Sustainable Energy initiatives who's focus was smaller projects involving privately owned and operated wind and solar installations.

Additionally, he is on the board of several non-political organizations in Serbia as an ecology compliance/awareness advisor to the business development arena. Likewise Mr.Budimcic enjoys an extensive international diplomatic network in several fields.

Paul Lisak, Director, North America
Paul Lisak, age 62, retired in 2002 as Los Angeles (“LA”) County’s Hazardous Materials Control Manager, and from over 30 years service devoted to the administration and management of public health, and management of hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds. Mr. Lisak had been promoted to the aforementioned position in 1994, after serving 10 years in LA County’s Hazardous Waste/Materials Divisions as a supervisor and industrial hygienist. Previous to that, in 1980, he had been promoted to Administrator of LA County’s Public Health Labs, testing for communicable diseases and associated environmental chemical and toxic analyses. He is currently on the board of Early Detection, Inc. and Paradise Music & Entertainment, Inc. both publicly traded companies.

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