About Us

Synergetics, Inc is a company managed by seasoned energy innovators focusing on environmental and technical infrastructure projects related to Renewable Energy and clean technologies. By combining environmental innovations with creative management and proven industrial leadership, Synergetics, Inc strives to stay in the forefront of the CleanTech business. We are an entrepreneurial market-focused, process-oriented group with a global perspective.

Synergetics, Inc consists of creative project-specific teams of motivated professionals with cutting edge knowledge within their working fields. The company comprises a diverse group of successful businessmen, engineers, marketing, legal and financial professionals based in Asia, North America and Europe.

Our core business is the development of responsible alternative energy solutions through waste and bio energy management. Current activities include design, manufacture, distribution and support of community-sized Biodiesel refineries. Synergetics, Inc has affiliate operations involving such technology in St Petersburg, Russia; China and Europe and anticipates expansion into North America.

The proprietary biodiesel production system technology referenced above is able to process carbonaceous waste i.e. household and industrial waste, including rubber products, plastics and plastic materials, coal and oil sludge; which in turn supports landfill site management and remediation. Such technologies also contribute to the cleaning of water, wastewater contaminated by petroleum and petroleum products as they produce high quality synthetic fuels. Additional byproducts include thermal energy which supports light industrial steam applications, domestic hot water, electric generation and distilled water production.

Synergetics, Inc also specializes in infrastructure development of Renewable Energy innovation projects from “cradle to grave”. We work strongly with political lobbying entities and renewable and sustainable energy networks, in order to develop unique business models and opportunities for industrial and infrastructure projects in; Biomass, Wind, Hydro, Wave, Geothermal, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Solar and other Emerging Technologies.

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